Reliving Your Childhood With Retro Sweets

Back with the retro sweets uk to tingle them taste buds

Retro sweets, the old fashioned sweets that bring back joyful memories from your childhood, a simpler time. There is good news for those who are under the impression that they thought they would never get to see these delectable childhood candies in their lifetime. Many of these classic vintage goodies are making a strong coming back through on line sweet shops. These sweets that take you on a wonderful trip down memory lane are gaining increasing popularity once again. There are many specialized makers and suppliers of retro sweets today, and you can enjoy the delicious taste of these candies, jellies, and bars once again to your heart’s content. There is also a range of on line providers of retro sweets uk like making your purchase even easier. Many of these retro candy retailers provide the best retro sweets in attractive wrap-ups.

The awesome varieties available

If you yearn for the sweets of your childhood, here are some of the best varieties of retro sweets.

1. Fizz Wiz Pop Rocks

Fizz Wiz Pop Rocks are little nugget-like pieces of candy which, when they make contact with your tongue, explode with a very satisfying crackling and popping sound. Fizz Wiz Pop Rocks are just great 70's retro sweetsabout the most fun you can have with sweets, and they come in a variety of delicious flavours including cola and strawberry.

2. Candy Kit Jewellery Set

The Candy Kit jewellery Set contains a variety of edible beads and pendants, and threading laces which are not edible.

3. Refreshers

Refreshers were the intensely fruity with fizzy flavours and thankfully, they are as mouthwatering tasty as ever.

4. Parma Violets

With their distinctive floral flavour, Parma Violets are one of the most memorable retro sweets still available and while back in the day they were tiny, these days they’re jumbo-sized so you can really make the most of that exotic flavour.

5. Chunky Drumstick Lollies

With their delicious raspberry and milk flavour, Drumstick Lollies always seemed so enormous for such a tiny mouth and these days they are even chunkier, so you can enjoy the same sensation as an adult.

6. Black Jacks

Black Jacks used to be sold individually at a penny each. These days they come in packs, but they taste just as good as they always did. They also still leave your tongue a lovely dark purple colour, and sharing your Black Jacks with a friend and comparing tongues afterwards is one of the best ways to enjoy these delicious retro sweets.

7. Fruit Fizzers

When we were small, children would unwrap their tiny Fruit Fizzers and pop them into an empty film pot so they could be used as pretend tablets. Fruit Fizzers are delicious, and fizzy.

8. Chocorillo Chocolate Cigarettes

In the 1960s and 1970s, before the dangers of smoking were fully understood, there were many sweets shaped like smoking paraphernalia,called the Chocorillo Chocolate Cigarettes.

9. Candy CanesĀ fantastic retro sweets uk

In years gone by, Candy Canes could usually be seen adorning Christmas trees. Candy Canes are just as minty and delicious as ever, and you can eat them whenever you like.

10. Retro Sweets Pile

The Retro Sweets Pile is like having an old-fashioned sweet shop in a bag, and it contains a mouth watering selection of retro sweets including most of the sweets mentioned here, and a few more besides.