Cat Vaccinations

cat vaccinations

Regular Cat Vaccinations Are Crucial for Protecting Your Cat

Our cats mean a lot to us, even if they do not overly reciprocate affection sometimes. As cat owners, you do not want to risk their wellbeing by making them susceptible to various diseases or illnesses. Cat vaccinations protect against these, giving you peace of mind, and your cat a better quality of life. Despite many cats’ famously nonplussed natures, they certainly would say thank you for keeping them safe if they could.

Vaccinations may seem like a daunting thing to put your cat through, but provided they start receiving vaccinations from the earliest opportunity, they should become more used to it, relaxing your mind and making the job easier for the vet.

A vaccination is given first at 9 weeks old, which is followed by another at 12 weeks. You should book your cat in for an annual booster to maintain their immunity. Most cat vaccinations are not too costly, between £10 and £15. But then, you surely can’t put a price on a beloved pet’s health.

At an appointment with a vet, they will guide you through the different vaccinations your cat might need and provide advice on any measures owners can take after vaccinations to counter any shock suffered by a cat.


What Do Pet Vaccinations Immunise Against?

Pet vaccinations protect cats from numerous diseases and infections. Including:

  • Influenza
  • Enteritis
  • Feline Leukaemia Virus
  • Chlamydia
  • Rabies

These can all be fatal for cats. The only way to guarantee their safety is through vaccinations.

If you have recently come into ownership of an older, rescue cat, make sure they are fully vaccinated. Rescue cats are more likely to roam or have behavioural issues causing them to fight other cats. This is one of the primary ways infections are passed on.

Contact your local vet today to book a vaccination for your cat. Do not wait until it’s too late!

Office Furniture Warwickshire

When purchasing Office furniture Warwickshire, selecting the right type and style for the space is key. The end goal is to create a functional, practical yet aesthetically pleasing set up. You want your furniture to match your brand and create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. However, with so many different products on the market currently, it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task to select pieces on your own. Read our guide on how to make the best decisions for your office space.

Office Furniture Suppliers

Office furniture suppliers can be a great help when trying to make decisions on the best options for your company. They can help you to bring your vision to life, as they are the experts in their field.

Things to consider:

  • Storage space – investing in storage options that work for everyone is critical when looking at furniture. This is especially true when you are limited in space and have many people sharing an open plan area. Most people’s aim is a clutter-free, tidy workspace and having good storage is the key to achieving this
  • Quality pieces – it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option for office furniture to save on costs in the short term. However, long term it is not a good option as you will inevitably need to replace items as they break and don’t last. You will end up settling for furniture that is sub-standard and not fit-for-purpose. If you invest in slightly better quality, you will only have to make the purchase once
  • Style – When choosing your office furniture supplier, it’s important to get across your office culture, brand, colour scheme and explain how people need to work. It’s also good to consider existing décor inside the office and how they will complement the new pieces.


office furniture

Benefits of Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Custom fitted wardrobes are a popular choice compared to store brought wardrobes due to their efficiency and maximising available space. Custom fitted wardrobes help to create an organised and clean environment to store your clothes. Whether its an upgrade to a standard wardrobe or a choice when you have moved to a new house.

Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes

Buying a standard wardrobe usually means you have to compromise your ideal in some way. That could be not enough storage space, internal organisation or fit in the ideal place in your room. A bedroom fitted wardrobe means you can accurately detail your perfect setup rather than cramming all our clothing into a small space. By using the floor to ceiling available space, you maximise the room without taking up more floor space. You can design the inside and out exactly how you picture it, making it a feature piece in the room or have it effortlessly blended in.

custom fitted wardrobe


Style your space with Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Nowadays, there are so many different styles and colours to choose from. There are more traditional wood designs as well as more modern frosted glass or high gloss. Custom fitted wardrobes mean you don’t have to worry about running out of storage, and every detail is designed exactly how you picture it.

Forging West Midlands

During the 1800s, the West Midlands was at the industrial centre of the world, and even today it remains the heartland of British industry, with forging as one of its key components. So, if you’re searching for Forging West Midlands but want to know more about its history and why it is still so important today, then grab your protective glasses and read all about it below. 


A Brief History of Forging West Midlands  

Forging has existed for thousands of years by utilising fire, and later, water power. But it was during the Industrial Revolution when an increase in electrical steam engine technology allowed forgers to work directly from factories, away from rivers. Mechanical hammers, which are still used today, became operational, improving forging production efficiency.  

The West Midlands was already a hotbed for blacksmiths during the English Civil War, as Parliamentarians employed tradesmen to manufacture 15,000 swords for their forces. Blacksmithing remained the primary trade in the West Midlands throughout the next two centuries and at the height of the Industrial Revolution, thousands of factories and forges had been built to take advantage of this skilled workforce. Birmingham (along with the Black Country and the further West Midlands) soon became known as the ‘Workshop of the World’. The name ‘Black Country’ originates from the huge levels of smoke out of the coal seams and factories, showing just how entrenched in the industry the area was.  

Into the 20th Century, the forging capabilities expanded and by 1938 there were 240 steam engines in Birmingham alone. This significantly helped with the Second World War effort, as West Midlands forgers created weapons, ammunitions and aircraft, such as at the Spitfire factory in Castle Bromwich. The desperate need for West Midlands forgers during this period lead to improvements in forging equipment and production techniques to stay in line with demand. 


Why Forging in the West Midlands is Still Crucial Today 

Whilst it may not be the smoke-engulfed region it once was, the local economy, particularly in the Black Country and the surrounding industrial towns, is still largely dependent on forging and engineering businesses. Today, hundreds of forgers still ply their trade across the West Midlandsmaking it the go-to region in Britain for forging. Increased technological developments including computer-controlled hydraulic hammers have made it industry for the 21st Century, allowing forgers to manufacture more complex productions for bigger names in the aerospace and automotive industries. The bigger the names, the better it is for the local area’s prestige and its economy.                    


Medical Abortions

Finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant can be one of the scariest moments of a young woman’s life. Deciding what to do can be overwhelming as other people put social pressure on you to do one thing or the other. Please keep in mind that it is your body, not anyone else’s, that will go through 9 months of change, therefore it is completely your decision. We do not promote either side, merely choice but if you choose to get a medical abortion you need to know the facts, and this is what the blog aims to do.

The early medical abortion pill can only be taken during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, after this a surgical abortion must be taken out if you wish to terminated the baby. Below is a collection of FAQs that you may want the answers to make the best possible informed decision.

FAQs on the early medical termination pill

white and black cat sketch

How long does it take to complete?

After taking the pill, the abortion will start within the next 2-5 hours and will be over in 1-2 days.

How does it work?

The process has two tablets: mifepristone and misoprostol; both work together to terminate a pregnancy. Mifepristone is swallowed and blocks the progesterone that your body naturally makes. This hormone is vital for a pregnancy. After 24-48 hours afterwards, you will take a misoprostol tablet which can be inserted into the vagina or against the gum. The tablet helps to produce the prostaglandin hormone, causing the uterus to contact.

Is it painful?

After the medical abortion, there will be some pain and cramping to expel the pregnancy, so it won’t be comfortable. Each woman’s experience is different.

Will it affect my ability to get pregnant in later life?

If your medical abortion goes forward with no complications, there will be no affect in later life. Although there are links with miscarriages and still births, there is not enough medical evidence to suggest that this is actually the case.

We hope that this brief blog post has helped you with a few of the most commonly asked questions that many people have.