Air Conditioning Services

From shopping centres to small offices, air conditioning is used across the world to keep places cool in hot temperatures and warm in the colder seasons.

Types of air conditioning units

When looking for an air conditioning unit you may be surprised to find there is a wide variety to choose from. Some of these systems include:

  • Air handling units;
  • Portable air conditioning;
  • Split and multi-split systems;
  • VRF systems.

Air handling units

Air handling units are designed to circulate and regulate the airflow as part of its ventilating, heating and air conditioning process. These systems supply cooled or heated fresh air via ducts and in turn, the conditioned air is distributed throughout your building.

Portable Air Conditioning 

Portable air conditioning can be used in residential, industrial and commercial environments. This type of system is used when main systems encounter a fault and therefore a temporary cooling solution is needed in order to maintain the temperature of the premises. Some portable air conditioning units also have the feature of evaporative cooling. This may be needed when you want to maintain a pleasant environment for guests or customers and ducting can’t be used.

Split and multi-split systems

Split systems consist of one indoor and one outdoor unit that are ideal for small shops, offices and rooms in your home. They are used to keep rooms cool and comfortable, which is especially important in the summer.

Multi-split systems are the perfect air conditioning solutions for properties with several rooms or large areas. These systems can be used in corporate and residential environments.

VRF systems

VRF air-con systems are available in two types; heat recovery and heat pumps. Heat recovery systems are ideal when the temperature of individual rooms needs to be controlled within a premise, whereas, heat pumps are used when the same mode of heating or cooling is needed for the entirety of your property.

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