Automatic watch winders

What is an automatic watch winder?

A watch winder is an accessory that can be purchased from a variety of different brands and helps to keep watches functioning correctly whilst they are not being worn. Typically, this equipment is invested in by individuals with watch collections or with one expensive, high-end watch.

Watch Winders

Do you need a watch winder?

The question which is often asked by individuals is ‘do I really need a watch winder?’ The answer is yes if you invest your money into a watch or watches. This is since expensive watches offer uniqueness and style which you cannot get with high-street watches, and you need to keep the value of the watch for years coming. To keep the value of the watch, you will need to make sure it is maintained in the best possible condition… a watch winder will help you do this.

Other reasons why you should invest in a watch winder


The amount of use you will get out of your watch winder will cover the additional expensive – not only will it wind your watch when not being used but even when you are in bed, as when being worn, a watch will wind itself but if you are not wearing it, it will not.

This is the perfect reason for watch collectors to invest in a watch winder as your watch(es) will be still carried out the correct TPD (turns per day), even when not being worn.

Acts as a safe storage space or jewellery box

When your watch is not being worn, the automatic watch winder will act as either a jewellery box as some of them are available with drawers for other jewellery or as a safe space. This means that if you get into the habit of putting it away, you will never lose it and it will always be kept in the best condition away from any dust and prevents any scratches.

Saves time

Having an automatic watch winder will save time as you will not need to constantly turn the screw to keep the correct time and date for the period you are not wearing your watch. This will also help keep the watch in optimal condition due to not putting any strain on the watch.